With a degree in art direction, I specialize in editorial design, typography, brand identity and packaging. I am open to any type of work or collaboration. Please feel free to contact me for your projects!

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United we Stand, Divided we Fall

Editorial design
302 pages

“United we stand, divided we fall”. One of America’s favorite mottos. It brings to light a fundamental value cherished by the United States: Unity. However, in my eyes this sentence illustrates perfectly the fragile political climate the country has been living in since its foundation. Through this project, I wanted to expose division and racism, driven by white supremacy, a matter that has rocked the country since its birth. I wanted to illustrate this failed melting pot through a personal editorial book, comprising of historical photographs of fourteen major American riots and marches for Equality, from the 1950s to today.

Recipe Book

Editorial design
44 pages

Custom recipe book comprising of signature American recipes, but also international cuisine. Inspired by “The Silver Palate Cookbook”. The cover was made with Liberty London fabric. 

2020 Calendar

Collab with Laura Dalex

The year 2019 was not an easy year in France, as it was marked with numerous political, environmental and social events. To start a fresh new year and enter 2020 by taking a step back, we created our own 2020 calendar with marking news of 2019. Obviously, this work was thought ahead of the year 2020 which turned out to be an even more catastrophic one.  

Zemora’s Voodoo Village

Global identity

Zemora’s Voodoo Village is a fictionnal festival that takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana. The theme centers around Voodoo, a set of spiritual beliefs and practices developed from the traditions of the African diaspora in Louisiana. The festival takes place at night, and the communication around it is only visible at night as well. 

Memory of a Fantasy -
Interviewing Wes Anderson

Editorial design 
50 pages

In “Moonrise Kingdom” (2012), pre-teen Suzy and Sam, run away together from their respective homes, on their fictional island of New Penzance. To create this book, I gathered three interviews of director Wes Anderson, and integrated different graphic elements of the film, from the Gingham cloth to the typeface created for the poster, or the watermark from Suzy’s stationery, in order to create a unique editorial design that captures the movie’s 1960s feel that Anderson characterizes as the “Memory of a Fantasy”.

Académie de Billard Clichy-Montmartre

Brand identity

The Académie de Billard - Clichy Montmartre in Paris temporarily closed its doors in July 2018. This project showcases how I envision the new brand identity of this legendary place, an old Parisian “bouillon”. To enhance this project graphically, I integrated photographies by Benoît Rajau, who captured that old Paris atmosphere in his 1990s work.


Brand identity
Social media
Web design

Zabaar is a new fictional media that talks about different current topics and the protection of the environment. It encourages people to raise awareness on the impact of the fashion industry on our planet, by featuring environmentally committed content, emerging artists, while keeping a positive and humourous note.

One Nation, Seven Sins

Map design

In 2009, the geography department at Kansas State University decided to take a look at the Seven Deadly Sins in relation to the United States. I decided to recreate these data maps with a new take on the subject, developing an art direction inspired by Hieronymus Bosch's biblical work, and historic geography maps.

Le Décaméron

Editorial design 
214 pages

Visual identity of the new fictional publishing house “A-Standard”, that puts into light historic publications. Implementation on "The Decameron": a 14th-century collection of novellas containing one hundred and one tales by Giovanni Boccaccio. 


Brand identity

BLÜU is a fictional skin care brand that puts water in the heart of its products. With high quality and carefully selected ingredients of natural origin, made for women and men, with not only packagings made from recycled materials, but that are also reusable, it answers today’s society’s demands.


Brand identity

Design of a fictional limited edition on the theme of Paris for the underwear brand DIM. The collection offers a boxer brief for each arrondissement, along with matching thermo patches.

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